Water Training with Piggy French

We’ve teamed up with a few of our Brand Ambassadors to give you a selection of Training Tips which they find useful in their own training programmes. This week we have collaborated with Piggy French on how to build a youngsters’ confidence up through the water and how to develop this training into a successful water jump.


Whether you compete or are a happy hacker it’s likely that you will come across water with your horse, it could be from a large puddle to a water combination fence. It is essential when you introduce or reintroduce a horse to water that you make it a pleasant one, it’s really important to keep a horses confidence up with water.


Once you’ve found a suitable amount of water to train your horse in it is a good idea to start an inexperienced horse off with a more experienced lead. A lead will help boost your horse’s confidence, teaching them that it is a safe place to be from early on. Once you have repeated going through water in a walk, start to trot your horse through the water, this will help to keep things fun and playful for the young horse. “It’s all just got to be good fun and confidence giving for them.” – Piggy French.


Take a look at our short video with Piggy French, highlighting her training tips.