“The envy of all my friends”

Champion Air Tech in purple

Horse & Hound dressage editor Alice Collins is the envy of all her friends in her new purple Air-Tech helmet! We do know that can be a side effect of wearing one J

We had sent Alice a shiny new purple Air-Tech, which unfortunately turned out to be a little small. So Alice’s friends daughter – gorgeous little Amy Hosegood from Newton Stud in Devon – was the lucky beneficiary while we got a larger size to Alice.

Apparently Amy loved her new Air-Tech so much she had a tantrum when she wasn’t allowed to wear it to play group!

Thanks to Alice for sending us this picture of her and Amy riding her pony Bubbles – don’t they look fabulous in their matching purple Air-Techs? Alice’s godmother also apparently has “hat envy” 😀

Champion Air Tech in purple