The diary of a Cornish Eventer- The ups and downs of horses!

Ahhhh… The ups and downs of horses!

How is it February already?! Is it me or did anyone else have the January blues? Although the evenings are definitely pulling out so guess that’s a bonus!EMD1

The ponies had a nice couple of weeks off over Christmas and into January. Allowing me to recharge my batteries and enjoy multiple duvet days (what are these in normal life?!?!)… I even managed to watch all the Harry Potter films!!! Sprite and Lola were loving life, out in a 10 acre field munching to their heart content, growing big round bellies by the minute!

The first bit of upset of 2017 my little springer spaniel Molly was taken unwell. we took her to the lovely people at Penmellyn Vets pool where she was definitely in the best hands and was looked after very well. Couple weeks later she’s looking sooooo much brighter and fingers crossed will remain that way.

When I decided to bring the horses back into work Lola obviously wasn’t quite ready as she was missing something from one of her hooves . I didn’t think too much off it as the farrier was due that week so what’s another couple of days?!…. Sprite was EMDrather bouncy on our first ride and seemed really pleased to be back in work. Later that week both horses had shiny new shoes and I was preparing myself for my first “Lola” ride – Champion Ti22 body protector, neck strap all at the ready – oh and pumped full of Horse-first relax me!!!

Poor Lola it wasn’t meant to be as she had a bit of lump come up under her chin. She was still her happy self and eating like a pig as normal but being where it was alarmed me so we went straight to Kenwyn Veterinary centre and had it checked. It’s just an abscess… phew!! But I then had to play the waiting game for it to come out and I’m not a very patient person… I sent her out with a poultice bandaged to her head and she was looking like a hippy horse from the 80’s!! EMD2

Sadly it didn’t come out and off we went back to the vets on Friday! As there was a soft bit they were able to sedate her and then lanced it. It drained out nicely… yuck!!  she’s now on antibiotics. Its looking ok now so fingers and hooves crossed it won’t be much longer till I can get back on her.

Sprite and I had a fantastic lesson with Fred Scala last week – it was so nice to be out training again. Although I could tell I haven’t ridden much lately as my legs were aching come the evening!! I’ve started going to Keep fit cornwall zumba class on Thursday evenings and I’m loving it. But by Friday last week going up and down stairs was a little bit tender!  Hoping to get into a bit better shape for the season ahead although really need to do something else in the week too… just need more hours in the day!!

Hope you’re all enjoying being back on your ponies and looking forward to the season ahead!

 Written by Emily Dunstan at EMD Eventing.