The diary of a Cornish Eventer – the final run!

I feel like I’ve just blinked and another week has gone by. The Mitsubishi Motors Cup is scarily close now! Sprite and I had our final run at the weekend at Bovington BE. Even though I have never competed there myself I did attend this event about 7/8 years ago when my sister-in-law was competing.

Seeing Kerry-Ann compete at many events is how and where I found my love for eventing!! At that moment I never dreamed I would be riding my one in a million pony on the renowned Badminton Estate! Kerry-Ann is currently expecting her second child with her due date ‪on 2nd May!! So come on little one, hurry up so you and mummy can come and cheer us on!

Our final run went really well – 24 dressage, unfortunate 4 faults showjumping and another fab confident clear cross country to come away with 6th place. The question is… are we now ready? I don’t think I will ever be as ready as I would like to be but all 3 test runs have made me aware or should I say reminded me of few things. For example:

  1. Sprite can be sticky over the first few XC so ride positively and attack the fences.
  2. Double check times again and again and again! Also tell everyone around you so they know as well!
  3. If in doubt – PKC!! Point, KICK and Close your eyes!

There’s lots more but let’s hope I remember them all on the day!

One minute I think I am OK, then the next I go into a panic that I’m not. Sprite is as fit as a fiddle; I have a check list ready for when the time comes to pack, so not doing too badly!

After seeing the fences come out on the Cross Country app I did have a mini meltdown as they look really scary! To be honest they terrify me but I can’t wait to give them a good crack! Over our 11 year partnership this will be the toughest course we have ever done! I love a good challenge but don’t get me wrong I will be running to and from the portaloo an hour before my time I’m sure!

We had a great lesson last week over some technical XC fences such as skinnies, angled fences and steps, all things we are going to see on the tough course. Sprite was great and listened to me really well so fingers crossed we can apply that to our all-important round. We have a flatwork lesson this week to work on the area’s we have lost marks from our 3 tests.

All the hard work is now done! Now to keep Sprite ticking over and injury free pretty please with a cherry on top!!

Written by Emily Dunstan at EMD Eventing