The Champion Puissance rider reviews

Evolution Puissance

Low profile lightweight fibre glass shell

Highly ventilated airflow system

Synthetic suede finish with high tech spacer and synthetic leather strips

Four point padded synthetic suede harness with rear drawstring

Quick release buckle


6¼ – 6¾* (VAT exempt)

6⅞ – 7¾

Colours: Black


Rider reviews

Kimberley Barclay: I was quite nervous about trying the hat as I had open head brain surgery last year which has made wearing hats uncomfortable however I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable and lightweight this hat was and I coped no problem riding in it too.

Rachel Holden: The Puissance hat is also very stylish. The hat is light Wei and has a nice secure fit without feeling too tight. The leather harness is lovely and soft making it very comfy to wear.

Emily Dunstan: The Evolution Puissance Riding Hat, I found very attractive and cannot wait to wear it at my next competition. It again was very comfortable and when I looked back at the pictures think it looks very smart and professional. I love the shimmer effect up the centre panel, I feel it is not to in your face like some of the hats on the market at the moment.