Rider Discipline with Pippa Funnell

We’ve teamed up with a few of our Brand Ambassadors to give you a selection of Training Tips which they find useful in their own training programmes.

This week we have joined forces with Pippa Funnell on how to improve discipline through rider communication.

When the rider is in balance, aids become clear resulting in clear communication between rider and horse. Continuously look and think ahead, choose a point and ask, whether is it to canter, trot, change diagonal.

“By picking a point and riding to it, it will make you ride straighter. Make yourself go deeper into a corner. If you want to do a transition make it happen at the exact point you want it to.

You don’t need an arena for it you can do it out hacking or in a field. Without even having a lesson it will make you ride better if you are self-disciplined.

Be very strict on yourself and make yourselves grow 5 inches taller and I can guarantee you will make a positive difference.” – Pippa Funnell

Take a look at our short video with Pippa Funnell, highlighting her training tips.