REVOLVE Junior X-Air MIPS Jockey Helmet

The REVOLVE X-Air MIPS Jockey Helmet offers the same features as the X-Air Plus, but with the addition of the MIPS Brain Protection System. The lightweight injection moulded ABS shell is finished with a durable painted acrylic and sand finish, with a four point synthetic suede harness featuring rear lacing adjustment and quick release buckle. The helmet benefits from a highly ventilated airflow system and removable crown comfort padding constructed from heat formed Poly/Nylon with breathable mesh panel inserts. The REVOLVE X-Air MIPS jockey helmet is also available in Champion’s Adult range.

• MIPS Brain Protection System. This low friction layer allows a sliding movement of 10–15mm, in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact
• Low profile lightweight fibre glass shell
• Highly ventilated airflow system
• Durable painted acrylic, sanded finish
• Crown comfort padding with heatformed Poly/nylon with breathable mesh panel inserts and fun cartoon characters
• Four point heatformed synthetic suede harness and lining with rear lacing adjustment
• Quick release buckle

Sizes: 00 – 5* (50 – 63cm)

Colours: Black, Silver

* VAT exempt

Standard: PAS015: 2011, VG1; ASTM F1163-15. British Kitemarked to PAS015 2011

Both of the above labels represent a Kitemark to British PAS 015 2011 Standard

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