My head was the first part of me to make contact with the tarmac…

We recently received a letter from Sue Burrows who had a nasty fall a few weeks ago which left her in hospital. This is what happened…

“I have no recollection of the accident as such, apart from what witnesses have told me, as I lost consciousness and have no memory up to waking in the back of the ambulance.

It seems my 17hh normally placid horse spooked, went into bronching mode and ditched me in the main road. My head was the first part of me to make contact with the tarmac.

I had a CT scan which luckily showed no fracture but I sustained head swelling, a haematoma and concussion injuries, resulting in ongoing dizziness and nausea. I also have 8 stitches at the back of my head.”

Sue kindly sent her hat back to our technical team for inspection. What we found is yet another reminder to always, ALWAYS replace your hat after a fall.


Sue’s hat was produced to meet PAS 015 1998 in our Cardiff factory as part of Batch 42 in April 2009 has been inspected for damage and report is as follows.

(The latest PAS 015 standard is now PAS 015 2011 which has enhanced impact protection and crush resistance).

From the outside there are no signs apart from a mud stain on the left side that this hat had been involved in a fall.  There is a blood stain present in the head lining and lace.

Upon closer inspection it was noticed that there is a gap between the shock absorbing polystyrene liner and shell at the rear right side.

When the liner was removed along with the head lining it is plain to see that this hat has been involved in a high energy accident.  The polystyrene liner has been reduced in thickness at the lower rear right area from its original thickness of 19mm to 8mm.  The 8mm of polystyrene remaining is also very well crushed and is damaged to the extent of its protective capabilities.  (See Photographs).

From the damage found on this hat in my opinion you are probably quite lucky not to have suffered more extensive injury, or worse.


We’re grateful to Sue for returning her hat for inspection and we hope she completes a full and speedy recovery. Best of luck for the future Sue!


Sue’s hat, clearly showing the impact damage at the rear

Sue-Burrows-hat3 Sue-Burrows-hat Sue-Burrows-hat2


Sue and her lovely horse, thankfully showing his beautifully placid nature!

Sue-Burrows2 Sue-Burrows