My Champion skull cap definitely did its job!

Champion skull cap damaged in a fall

Cathy Robinson recently contacted us following a heavy fall she had from her horse, while riding on the beach.

“Hi this is my Champion skull hat after a heavy fall at the beach. The horse I was riding spooked at a wave and took off sideways and fell over her own feet. I was under the mare so when she got up, she kicked me on the head and back. Thankfully my Champion skull did a super job!!! Doctors say it saved my life.”

We are so glad that Cathy was not seriously injured in her fall – it goes to show how a nice day riding in the surf could so easily go wrong. Thank goodness Cathy was wearing a good protective riding hat. Please remember to always wear an up to standard riding hat while riding – it could save your life.


Cathy’s damaged Champion hat that protected her from more serious injury.
Champion skull cap damaged in a fall Cathy2 Cathy3