Educational live Chat on helmets and rider safety with Dr Diane Fisher

Safety Influencer Loves Brains Just as Much as We Do!

Meet Dr Diane Fisher, a Major Trauma and Emergency Medicine Consultant, working at the University Hospitals of North Staffordshire.

Diane started her social pages in January 2020 as she became more and more aware that equestrian injury patterns were not commonly recognised amongst her colleagues.

These operate under the influencer handle @All_The_Kings_Horses and boast a growing following of almost 5k between FB and IG with excellent features such as ‘Medical Mondays’ which focus on a tip, injury or topic Diane feels would most benefit those that share her passion for horses, as well as monthly live chats focusing on anything from back pain, mindset to dealing with an accident with notable, professional guest speakers.

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On the 28th January 2021, we were proud to sponsor one of Diane’s live chats focusing on brain injury and helmet safety, but we caught up with her before recording started…

“I am a passionate equestrian doctor trying to improve equestrian trauma care and reduce missed injuries through educating the equestrian community.

My pages are a mix of my everyday life with my horses- Sydd, Bamba and Winnie. I am grading for para dressage after a non-riding accident which left me with a nerve issue in my left leg – this has been significantly delayed due to covid so I am still awaiting physical grading, and I put bits in about my job too when appropriate.

I felt it would be beneficial to educate fellow equestrians in how to describe their injuries correctly and not underplay them, so when they come to A&E, we suspect, find and deal with injuries quickly, getting the best outcome for them long term.”

The clinic was incredibly educational, with live viewing figures hitting close to the 200-viewer mark with post live event viewing figures still growing and focused on several key topics with regards to brain safety including:

  • Head Injury- what types are common in riders.
  • Concussion Syndrome- what to expect- red flags.
  • First aid – what do you do if someone has a fall?
  • When to go to hospital
  • How helmets are constructed
  • Helmet testing and research
  • New tech including MIPS
  • Helmet care and when to replace yours
  • And the types of helmets available, with top tips for choosing the right helmet for you.

We urge you to go and watch this brilliant discussion between Diane and our very own Champion Brand Manager, Helen Riley, and share this valuable content with everyone you know who is required to wear a helmet for their sport or hobby.