Champion safety revolves around you – ensure your head is protected to the highest standards

With most of us planning to get back in the ring this season, what better way to get started than by making sure your head is protected to the highest possible standards.

Whether you’re upping your training, planning your competition calendar, or just intending to ride a lot more after lockdown has lifted, our horses will be ‘fresh’ and the prospect of getting back out there could prove exciting, so it has never been more important to ensure that your safety, both in the saddle and on the ground, revolves around you.

 Introducing the NEW MIPS REVOLVE Vent-Air & X Air Helmet Collection – a collection of peaked and jockey skull helmets that not only meet and exceed the PAS 015 2011 five standard test requirements but give added MIPS protection and a touch of class in and out of the ring.

MIPS technology is a brain protection system, engineered to provide an added layer of protection against rotational motion to your riding helmet and is now incorporated into the new Champion REVOLVE range of peaked helmets and Jockey skull caps. MIPS technology provides an extra aspect of protection on top of the five standard test requirements for your helmet.

Make your time in the ring the safest it can be, when purchasing a new helmet look for the MIPS Yellow Dot and replace your helmet every time you experience a fall involving an impact to the head area.

Champion has been actively researching MIPS technology for over 10 years and has established that this system has been found to improve protection for a particular type of injury related to rotational acceleration falls.


MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is a brain protection system, founded by a neurosurgeon, which consists of a low friction layer with a sliding movement of 10-15mm in all directions.

Designed to redirect rotational force during impact helping to mitigate strain on the brain which can cause severe brain injury. Rotational Brain trauma can occur during any impact and falls can happen to anyone at any time, protect against the unexpected with MIPS.

Remaining at the forefront of advanced safety wear, the Revolve helmet range meets the most rigorous safety certifications in the industry, meaning Champion continue to offer riders the very best protection with the most up to date technology on offer, for a safer future for all equestrian pursuits.