Champion launches new REVOLVE Range

An exciting addition to the Champion range is the REVOLVE Vent-Air MIPS Peaked and Jockey, and the REVOLVE X-Air MIPS Peaked and Jockey. Champion has been actively researching MIPS technology for over 10 years and have established that this system has been found to improve protection for a particular type of injury related to rotational acceleration falls.


MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is a brain protection system, founded by a neurosurgeon, which consists of a low friction layer that allows a sliding movement of 10-15mm in all directions. Designed to redirect rotational motion during impact from a rotational fall. Rotational falls are very common amongst horse riders as they are generally in motion when falling, causing rotational energy on impact. The force from a rotational fall can be very damaging to the brain, increasing the risk of brain injuries.

Remaining at the forefront of advanced safety wear, the Revolve helmet range meets the most rigorous safety certifications in the industry, meaning Champion continue to offer riders the very best protection with the most up to date technology on offer, for a safer future for all equestrian pursuits.