Champion Air Tech Protection



Thank you so much for your testimonial Charlotte Wood. With a reputation built on safety and 40 years manufacturing we are so pleased that your Champion Air Tech protected you from the impact during your fall.

“My Champion Air tech riding hat saved my life ! I’d just like say how amazing these hats are . Last month I was out jumping my pony when we both fell at a fence and the Pony landed on top of my head! His hoof broke the shell of my Champion Air tech helmet when he landed on me but I hardly felt anything . I’m so thankful for the quality of these hats as that could of been my skull with the crack in it. Not only that but the comfort when riding is incredible , I struggle with finding the right fitting helmets because of the shape of my head, however these hats are easy to adjust and so comfy.
These are worth every penny and I’ll definitely be saving up to get another one as you are investing in your safety!. Thank you for making such great helmets”..