Canter Training Tips with Kitty King

We’ve teamed up with a few of our Brand Ambassadors to give you a selection of Training Tips which they find useful in their own training programmes. We have collaborated with Kitty King on how to keep a rhythm in canter.

Ground poles are a fantastic tool for horses of all disciplines and levels. They help to improve a horse’s balance, rhythm, focus, coordination and strength. Poles should be distanced to suit your horse’s stride, as opposed to altering your horse’s stride to suit the poles.

Come off the turn in canter, keeping the horse straight and aim for the centre of each pole. Be aware of your horse’s position down the poles, being conscious of keeping contact on your outside rein.

Canter poles are there to help with the rhythm of the canter, ideal for young horses in keeping their balance and straightness. A young, inexperienced horse may change legs. Try to ignore this and bring them round again making sure you are more aware of keeping your leg on and outside rein to keep them straight.

Don’t worry if your horse clips or stands on a pole, let them use the poles to work out their footwork.

Take a look at our short video with Kitty King, highlighting her training tips.