A day with Sophie Wells

Wow, where do I start! What a fantastic day!! Not only did I spend the morning with the ever-inspiring Sophie Wells and her sponsors (drinking plenty tea too of course!) I had the opportunity to watch Sophie do what she does best on her handsome Jorge… wow. To watch such an amazing pair work together was just mind blowing, it was so lovely to listen and watch, Sophie talk me through what she was doing and she just had an amazing approach to her riding, I could have watched all day and I loved being able to chat and pick her brains about her horses. It was so inspiring to hear her journey and watch how they work together.

I then met the gorgeous Noki … again WOW! What a gentleman, I met the lovely Izzy and I was able to pick up a lot of helpful tips as Sophie was teaching that can help my core and balance. It was so great to chat to everyone (although I was fairly quiet as I was so over whelmed and in awe!).

After that I had a lesson on my super younger horse, the golden pony Cali. I thought this would be a great experience for her as we (or more I) have a lot to work on and my other horse Tally is having a trailer break. Cali was a star she settled in so well and I have taken a lot away from my lesson with Sophie to help me help my horses when I’m riding. I think I could go on forever! I love learning especially when it comes to my horses, I know I can always improve and if something is going wrong it is something I’m doing wrong and having opportunities like today is just so insightful and encouraging! The whole day was just so fantastic, and I can’t describe how grateful I am, once again it has reminded me how passionate I am about my horses and with the hard work and determination t can be possible to reach your goals!!

Cali absolutely loved chilling with the big boys too! It was like she’d been there all her life she was so relaxed in the stable, she just fitted in so well! Think she had the hots for Jorge too!

Then it doesn’t stop there… I also was lucky enough and won a new Champion riding hat, body protector, Toggi Saddlecloth, riding tights, fleece top, gilet, rain coat AND some gorgeous long riding boots that fit my short legs I felt amazing, I really can’t describe how grateful I am for this opportunity, such amazing products and such wonderful people giving me their time. Thank you so much Sophie you always inspire me and HUGE thanks to Champion for such an amazing opportunity once again!!

Nikki Clark